“The vast majority of affected volumes have now been recovered”

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Cloutage exists to empower organizations by providing cloud security knowledge and resources so that they may properly assess information security risks. The project aims to document known and reported incidents with cloud services while also providing a one-stop shop for cloud security news and resources. For any questions about this site or the data contained within the site, please contact .

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As security vulnerabilities and data loss incidents become a regular occurrence, the Open Security Foundation has grown from supporting a single project in 2004 to a leading provider of filtering through security information and providing notifications and aggregation for data for data loss and cloud security incidents.

The Open Security Foundation has evolved into one of the most utilized resources in providing security information, and as a 501c3 non-profit organization relies heavily on public contributions, volunteer effort and corporate sponsorships.

The growing demand for information to provide proper risk management has led to additional projects and now the introduction of an advisory board consisting of industry professionals to lend their expertise in areas to keep OSF moving in a positive direction and to be the first line of access to all that require their service.

Open Security Foundation CEO and founder Jake Kouns stated, “This is a very important step in shaping the future of the Open Security Foundation.” “OSF has reached a point in growth that requires a strategic move to provide longevity and sustainability. It has always been a goal of this organization to provide our work to the broadest audience and the introduction of the advisory board will contribute to that objective. I am extremely proud to be part of such an amazing organization that has built a reputation of excellence and serves a very important function,” adds Kouns. “We put out a call for qualified individuals that could provide guidance and insight to keep OSF a leader in the security information arena. The results of our search far exceeded our highest expectations; it’s not only provides us with confidence in our direction, but the impact OSF has had on the industry.”

The new advisory board members comprises of an array of specific industries that understand the importance of OSF resources. Each member was chosen for a specific contribution to ultimately achieve the objective and mission of this foundation and capable of providing broad based perspective on information security, business management and fundraising.

Tom Srail, Senior VP Willis Group provides 19 years of experience in the insurance industry with an expertise in risk consulting, professional liabilities, network security risks, intellectual property and technology professional risks.

Shawn Andreas, VP Marketing Guard Dog Inc.(GRDO.PK) will contribute his 20 years of experience in mark... [CONTINUED...]

Latest Cloud Incidents

TypeDate Organization What Happened?


2014-03-11 Twitter Inc. Twitter Inc. had an outage caused by complications during a planned deploy in a core service


2014-03-11 Xbox Microsoft Corporation's Xbox Live had an outage that prevented users from signing in


2014-03-10 HSBC Bank U.S.A., N.A. HSBC Bank U.S.A., N.A.'s online and mobile banking had an outage


2014-03-09 HBO HBO GO had an intermittent outage caused by customer request saturation


2014-03-08 Telstra Telstra's internet and phone services had an outage caused by flooding that also affected Internode's services


2014-03-07 Telstra Telstra's National Rugby League Fantasy service had an outage


2014-03-07 TDS Telecommunications TDS Telecommunications' internet, phone, and television services had an outage that affected users in Wisconsin caused by a construction crew accidentally cutting a fiber optic cable


2014-03-06 iiNet Limited iiNet Limited's internet and VoIP services had an intermittent outage that affected users in Australian Capital Territory caused by line card failure

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